About Us

For the last three seasons, we have brought Phoenix the Worldwide Marijuana March, where we have joined over 250 cities around the globe in an annual march against marijuana prohibition.

Join the WORLD-and join us for our annual demonstration.

MAY 5th 2012


Let’s make it what we want it to be!  Tell two friends NOW to mark their calendars for next year.  Bring your ideas to Info@PhoenixMarch.org so we can make next year’s march the biggest and best yet.

Bring your signs and banners to help promote the natural, safer alternative to prescription drugs and alcohol.

If you cannot walk, drive along in your car and honk! 

   Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and anyone representing a loved one who is willing to make a stand for the safer choice:
Please demonstrate to Phoenix that our women care about health &

wear something pink.  

We want to bring YOUR ideas to fruition next year, people.  Email us all of your thoughts and let’s do this thing up right.

Be sure to check out our links page to see our partners from around the web!

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2174 Polk Street
Tucson, AZ 85746