What Is The Best Vaporizer For Weed On Sale

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When you decide that vaping is the best way to have your weed, you need to find the best vaporizer for weed to use. The problem is that there are so many in the market determining the best for you may prove to be a challenge. Just like any other electronic device, you will need to choose one that not only fits your style but your budget and preferences as well. In this excerpt we will be looking at the options you have when looking for a vaporizer for your pot.

Portable vs desktop vaporizers

Are you a person who is always on the go and need a puff of your weed while at it? Perhaps you only like to have your weed while relaxing at home? No matter what kind of a person you are, there is a weed vaporizer for you. The portable options are small and often inconspicuous. They however come with limitations. There is no heating time and they usually have a low battery life necessitating frequent research. The intake options are limited to just the mouthpiece while the load they can hold is less due to smaller chambers.

On the other hand, the �desktop’ vaporizers are used while plugged in so they will last for as long as necessary without the need to keep recharging. The intake method options they offer are quite diverse with methods via which you can inhale the dry herb including use of whips, balloons and water-pipe extensions to name a few. They are a great option if you like to vape in the company of friends as well.

Convection vs conduction heating

The heating method a vaporizer uses will determine how effective it is in heating up the weed and activating the cannabinoids (the actual stuff that makes you high). Whereas those that use conduction method heat the buds by applying heat from the direct contact with the hot metal, convection heating method uses a heated air stream to heat the buds.

It is believed that convection method is superior in terms of efficiency but this comes at an extra cost. Conduction vaporizers are the better option if you are tight on a budget. You will however need to stir the flower often to obtain even heating.

Flower vs concentrate cannabis

The choice of which weed to use is entirely a matter of preference though at times you may be forced to opt for concentrate due to health issues. Regardless of the reasons why you choose either, you need to ensure that you have a vaporizer that you will use with the type of marijuana you prefer.

The cartridges for the concentrates’ weed vaporizers are costly compared to the bowl chambers used in vaporizers for use with the flowers. Another advantage that flower vaporizers have is that there are more strain options to choose from so if you like exploring different flavors this is the right choice for you. With this you will also be able to enjoy rolling the buds on paper and enjoy smoking the herb the traditional way. On the other hand, concentrates do not necessitate emptying of the loose leaf chamber after use.